Highgate Gallery

Budget: $250,000
Timeframe: 14 WEEKS

“Inner city chic straight up with a twist of urban industrial”


We love clients who are “all in” and ready to take calculated risks. What started as a conversation about incessant water leaks and heat penetrating through old window tinting, turned into a brilliant transformation of a tri-level home in centrally located and very hip Highgate. The home already had some serious architectural cred, but unfortunately the original build didn’t follow through with same attention to detail. It leaked like the proverbial sieve, it was dated and had very poor storage, and it was seriously hot even in the cooler months. We were given a mandate to turn it into the uber-cool place it was always destined to be, and we think we achieved that in spades.


The design of this home was begging for someone to bring out its many assets. While it was clear it was built with a budget in mind, there were no major structural changes necessary to make it absolutely shine. We were helped enormously by clients willing to go with us on some of our more outlandish suggestions, e.g. paint stairs in multiple colours. We think the results speak for themselves, and our clients absolutely love the transformation of their home.


Access anywhere inner-city presents its own challenges. Parking was in short supply for our many trades, and the postage stamp block size meant delivery of materials was especially problematic. Identifying and then fixing the many and varied leaks into multiple areas of the home was difficult and had us all scratching our heads for a while. Our harsh summer sun bored into the inner recesses of the home and windows needed to be treated to the finest tint available to make this former desert landscape into an oasis from the blinding heat of the day.


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