Mount Pleasant

Budget: $450,000
Timeframe: 14 WEEKS

“Dated house becomes a stunning and unique executive residence”


Our gorgeous Mount Pleasant clients bought their house with the knowledge they wanted to immediately transform it into their dream home. Initially referred to us by their real estate agent, a close working relationship and then a solid friendship was borne out of a shared love of design and a determination to do something that no other Australian home had ever done before. This fantastic renovation represents hours of research, hard work, cutting edge design, superb craftsmanship and a great deal of patience for all concerned as our clients chose to live through the renovation with a curious young child and an even younger escape-artist pup.


While oddly shaped, rooms were at least spacious and the views from every room overlooking the Swan River and city skyline were truly spectacular. The major opportunity for all was the husband’s determination to give his beautiful wife the kitchen and home of her dreams. We soon discovered he had a few dreams of his own he wanted fulfilled, hence the outstanding Cellar and the unique aquarium in his Study. Both love gadgets of all descriptions so the home is filled to the brim every piece of clever technology that hides away and yet makes life so much more interesting. Every finish is the epitome of fabulous craftsmanship and the highest specification. The crowning glory of the entire renovation is a first in an Australian residential home – a solid pewter breakfast bar!


The early 1990’s home adopted the fashion of the day, and truncated every possible corner with a 45 degree angle, making every room a strange polygon-like shape. The block falls away steeply towards the street, making man-handling a 450 kilo pewter benchtop a challenge like no other – it actually took 13 men to carry it into position! Living through such an intensive renovation was difficult for our long-suffering clients, but great friendships were forged as a result, and we were all so incredibly proud of the end result.

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