Budget: $150,000
Timeframe: 10 WEEKS

“1980’s called and wants their mint green and pink colour scheme back”


The mining boom brought this lovely family to Perth in 2011 after years of living remotely. They bought a Tuscan style single storey home and set about figuring out how to renovate it. Enter Renovation Concepts. Initially engaged to prepare a DIY Renovation Action Plan (we used to do those), it was quickly apparent that Deb couldn’t stay away, and so began the beginnings of a beautiful collaboration. The wife especially was eager to learn all she could about renovating, and so decided to tag along to our next project, and the next one, and so on. She then became a Project Manager with Renovation Concepts, followed later by a promotion to General Manager, and finally Glenda became a full Director and today is Deb’s business partner.


A well-built, but poorly conceived floor plan made for great opportunities to bring the home up to date, and provide more functional living areas. Formal areas were given over to become a fabulous Home Theatre; the original Walk In Robe is now the Ensuite shower; the odd internal Family because a fantastic Study; and the old Study is now the sumptuous Entry. It was a classic case of re-working the existing layout to make it work for a modern family.


Some walls really only needed to be moved minimally, but moving them was essential to making the entire floorplan work. Because clients were doing much of the work themselves, this caused Glenda’s husband more than a little frustration, “do you know how hard it is to knock out a brick wall only to build a new wall less than 100mm away?” But build it, he did. His DIY skills were occasionally questionable (kicking rubbish into the skip bin in thongs is not high on our list of recommended past-times), but the end result is a dramatic, Art-Deco style family home that functions perfectly for the entire family.

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